Mayhem, Mystery, and Murder! What is Going on in 8th Grade Language Arts?


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At first, this picture really creeped me out.  What was with the human hand coming out of the computer screen?  Computers are machines, after all.  However, the more I looked at the picture, the more I liked it.  I think it really shows what this blogging experience has meant to me.  I have always been a writer, but my audience has been rather limited – me!  I have kept numerous journals over the years, but now with blogging, I have a wider audience.  I can post my thoughts, invite others to read them, get feedback, and feel connected to others.  That’s what the hands in the picture represent to me: the human aspect of blogging.  I know that after I send something “out there,” I will reach many people who, in turn, will react to what I have to say.

We are in our final days of The Mockingjay Project.  The mayhem of the Games has included tsunamis and poison dart frogs. You will definitely want to read how the tributes survived (or not) the many obstacles put before them.

My students have been reaching out to a wider audience with amazing writing.  Please reach back and let them know how awesome a job they are doing … because they are!  Feel free to leave comments for ANY of the writers.

Here are the tributes who are still in The Games:

J.K. Notrowling (Yasmine)

Juniper Stowe (Shelby)

Gerome Washingbeard VII (Brad)

Bruce “Batman” Wayne (Josh)

Ella Moe (Mollie)

Sydney Ivashhov (Alyssa)

Blake Cooper (Connor)

Anne Foyer (Kaitlyn)

Queen Bee (Mareda)

Tammy Cottonhead (Lizzy)

Delilah Rose Carter (Rachel W)

Lee Sin (Tommy)

If anyone can tell me how I’m going to pick a winner for the Hunger Games, please – and I mean PLEASE – tell me.  I think more than anything I don’t want their audience to go away now that they’ve found it.  I guess that’s why there are sequels!


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  1. brad4 says:

    I think you should pick the winner of the hunger games by giving each tribute one exact same scene to write and who ever writes the best scene wins

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