Write Like Your Life Depends On it … In this Case It Does!

The Eightieth Hunger Games have begun!  Read our blogs and enjoy the action as it unfolds through the eyes of our tributes.  The first day brought many surprises, including our first victims.  The writing has been amazing!  Behind the scenes, we are acknowledging the creativity that is unfolding with various “Reader’s Choice” awards.   In this round, the excellent efforts in writing and commenting earned the student immunity from elimination from The Games.   Here is a sampling: 

Best Character Name: J.K. Notrowling

Best Attention Getter:

Post 1: “Silence: a complete and total blanket enveloping all inside, a crushing weight seemingly bearing down on your shoulders.

Best Simile:

Dependency is like a bicycle: the longer and faster you go, the harder it is to stop.


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